Design Thinking Playroom

A beautiful and functional way to introduce Design Thinking in your organization


Together with our partner Playroom we invented the Design Thinking Playroom. It the perfect tool to introduce Design Thinking to people in your organization.
It consists mainly of 6 cardboard walls (1m x 2m) on which you find a very easy and convenient Design Thinking process. It's a good way for newbies to experience Design Thinking in about 2 hours. The Design Thinking Playroom guides a small team of 4-6 people through a process to find solutions for a challenge or problem. They follow the process step by step, provided by instructions, templates and working materials.
You can place the walls at a public space in your company and invite people to use it. Another good place would be an innovation lab if your company has one.

Matthias Lenssen
Innovation Designer

"It's amazing to see a prototype come to life in 90 minutes."

90 minutes

Design Thinking

4-6 people 

Taste Design Thinking
One solution

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