Innovation Sprint

1 team, 5 days – high speed innovation

Let's be honest – how long does it normally take to develop a first solution for a specific problem in your organization? One month? Three month? Half a year? Let's get faster, much faster! Let's develop and test a solution in just one week.

How it works

A small team of 6 - 10 people will come together to solve a specific challenge. One of our facilitators will guide them through an innovation process in one week. Every day focuses on a specific step of the process.

Monday is all about the challenge, we interview experts in order to understand it inside out. On Tuesday we focus on the user and map out first ideas. On Wednesday we make a descision on the direction we will take and come up with storyboards. On Thursday the team builds prototypes of their solution. Finally on Friday we test the solution with actual users. 

This method is based on the Design Sprint by Google Ventures, a proven process to design better products faster.

The DUO Sprint

We are convinced, that there lies huge potential in co-creation and intersection. That is why we love to facilitate the Innovation Sprint with two commited partners. Each partners sends 3-4 people, who work together as one team. Such a team merges different cultures and perspectives, multiple skills, and backgrounds. For example an insurance company could join forces with a software company to develop new digital services for the insurance clients.

Please get in touch so that we can make you a customized offer of how to bring Innovation Sprints to your organisation. 

Matthias Lenssen
Creative Director
Innovation Radicals

"I love the DUO sprint. Companies joining forces to innovate. In this intersection lies a tremendous potential for innovation."

In only
5 days

with 6-10

in one focused
design sprint

create one
tested solution

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