Innovator's Kit

All you need to breed intrapreneurs

For employees in big corporations it can be frustrating to try and bring an idea to life. There are lots of obstacles to overcome and it takes a huge amount of time. On the other hand, it's hard to beat that feeling you have, when you can see the result lying in front of you. 

The Innovator's Kit is an innovation program designed for intrapreneurs to be. It guides teams through an innovation process to come up with ideas, prototypes and in the end solutions.

The teams are provided with everything they need:

  • A well designed step-by-step innovation process
  • A toolkit of methods and introductions
  • An online plattform to share information, to communicate and to get working materials
  • Coaches and sparring partners from our network  


Eberhard Schächterle
Innovation Coach
Innovation Radicals

"The Innovator's Kit has been designed to bring the spirit of working in a startup to the corporate environment."

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