Alexander Richter

#TechWizard #Prototyper #AirshipEngineer

As the new guy, Alex is the first engineer at IR. He is responsible for the technical view on innovation and is leading the new IR Prototyping Lab in Berlin. Since the early years, Alex was fascinated by everything that had cables, moving parts and all kind of physical phenomena’s. Making his way through Lego Robots and first steps in programming while school, he went to study engineering at Technical University of Berlin, where he graduate with a Master’s degree in Aeronautic and Space. There he also found his special addiction to prototyping, airships and preliminary aircraft design, where he worked already as leader for airship projects and behalf Airbus Future Project Office. Next to this, he worked as IT consultant as administrator, specified in customer friendly work environments.


Engineer & Prototyper

"I believe in tech enhanced future."